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Set of utilities for the Sitecore interface to make developers and editors more productive.

How to contribute

To contribute with new features or fixes, please complete the developer setup.

Developer setup


Get the repository

Clone the repository in a local folder.

git clone


How to create a new feature

  1. The location of the code will depend on the section of Sitecore that is going to be extended. For instance, the JumpList module is inside of the content tree of the Content Editor, therefore, the code was placed in the following namespace Sitecore.Extensions.ContentEditor.ContentTree.JumpList.
  2. Create the required classes to complete the desired functionality.
  3. If the new feature requires new items (like templates, or content) or changes in the existing ones, they must be tracked using a new Unicorn configuration file. The file must be created inside of the \App_Config\Include\zSitecoreExtensions
  4. If the new feature requires new Javascript or CSS files, they must be added to the \sitecore\shell\Applications\Extensions folder.